Smartphone Hologram

Have you ever wanted your very own hologram like the ones in Hollywood? This cleverly designed material allows you to place it on your smartphone’s screen to create your very own 3D hologram!

Hypersuit VR

This exosuit allows you to explore the universe and other worlds. Moving your arms to change direction and a VR headset to immerse you in these dream worlds. This is probably the closest you’ll get to Iron Man in the near future!

Useless Box

As the name suggests, this useless box is truly useless. Leave it on your office desk or coffee table and wait for your guests’ curiosity to kick in. When the switch is flicked, a finger appears out of the box and turns itself back off.

Toilet Night Light

Now you don’t have to srain your eyes during the night when turning the toilet light on (or worry about your partner urinating all over the floor). This Toilet Night Light is motion sensitive so you don’t have to fumble around for a switch! Plus it comes with 8 different colour settings.

Portable Phone Charger

Never worry about your phone dying when away from a plug socket with this portable charger which is compatible with most smartphones and supports quick charging. Boasting a 5200mAh capacity you can be sure it’ll deliver a full charge to your smartphone.

Keyboard Cleaner

This reusable keyboard cleaner is great for removing dust and dirt from keyboards and well, anything you can think of really. It’s made with environmentally friendly material and is fully biodegradable too!

Laser Projection Keyboard

To heck with ordinary keyboards, you can now rock up to meetings or class in style with this laser projected keyboard and mouse. Just connect it to your smartphone, tablet or computer through Bluetooth and you’re good to go.

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