Tile Mate

If you or someone you know is prone to losing their keys, then this is a must! Just hook Tile Mate onto your keychain or anything you don’t want to lose. You can then use your smartphone to ring Tile Mate to find your possessions. You can also use Tile Mate to find your smartphone by double pressing the button to call your phone!

360 Levitating Speaker

This 360 degree speaker delivers crisp stereo sound…oh, and it levitates! Yes, you read that right, using the power of magnets it floats above the speaker dock. It connects quickly to your smart devices and PCs through Bluetooth 4.0 which is reliable and more energy efficient. Guaranteed to impress your friends!

Hypersuit VR

This exosuit allows you to explore the universe and other worlds. Moving your arms to change direction and a VR headset to immerse you in these dream worlds. This is probably the closest you’ll get to Iron Man in the near future!

Toilet Night Light

Now you don’t have to srain your eyes during the night when turning the toilet light on (or worry about your partner urinating all over the floor). This Toilet Night Light is motion sensitive so you don’t have to fumble around for a switch! Plus it comes with 8 different colour settings.

Clock Lock N’ Load

Stop waking up like everybody else, instead wake-up like Chuck Norris with this gun target alarm clock. When the alarm sounds the target will flip up, a perfect shot will shut down the alarm clock. It also comes with 3 extra modes when the alarm isn’t sounding!

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Mini Drone

An affordable drone which can fit in the palm of your hands. Equipped with a 6-axis gyro, LED night lights and built in 360° roll technology. It also comes with low and high flight speeds as well as a return to home feature to bring it back to you. Great gift for children and adults. On sale for a limited time only!

Wallet Ninja

Wallet Ninja is the worlds first and best 100% flat multi-tool. At only 1.5mm thick and boasting 18 tools in 1, it even has a phone stand! And you don’t have to worry about it its robustness as it is manufactured with four times heat treated steel which is also rust resistant.


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